3 Nov 2011

About Perfumes

Perfume is a mixture of essentials oils and fragrant compounds used to give a pleasant scent to your body and objects like house, cars and other living spaces. We recognize our surroundings by the fragrances in the way when our nose smells any a perfume, it activates a reaction in our brain to find out the origin of the aroma.

The art of making perfumes was developed in ancient Egypt and then refined by many others. After the development of centuries now we have our modern perfume. The perfume developers have divided the perfume in many categories include Floral, Fruit, Ocean, Green, Oriental and Chypre fragrances. Instead of it, there are two main categories of perfumes
# Natural Perfume Scents:- Even made from plants, flowers and blossoms, seeds, fruits and resin. Other organic fragrances like musk, civet and ambergris are come from animals.
#Synthetic Perfume Scent:-Production of perfume from organic substances, such as plant and animals is an expensive process. Designers develops a similar scent for a friction of cost by using chemical compounds.

We use perfumes on some prefered parts of our body where blood flows near the skin so called ''Warm Spots''. These warm spots increases the fragrance of the scent. Before using the perfume use some vaseline or oil cream. In the summer you should even use less perfume or light fragrance, because it is intense in the summer and warm places.

Everyone wears or owns perfumes, but it brings a different smell and memory to each other. You can remember a close friend or relative by smell the perfume he used. Perfumes should be used according to occasion. Our smell depends upon the ingredients of fragrance we used and the fragrance should be subtle, delicate and unique.

There are some important things to remain in mind that always keep your perfume in a dark and cool place. Because the fragrance would be changed by some chemical reactions.An other fact is that, a large production of same fragrance is kindly impossible. It is also possible that the fragrance of a particular brand is not same in two different containers in a same production shift. GET Hot sexy fragrance perfume - Candle Maker Secrets